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Corrugated Box - P073  

Corrugated Box - P073

[Material]:white paper board , white card paper , art paper , kraft paper , corrugated paper , fancy paper

[Shape]:pasting PP window
[Surface Finished]: varnishing ,  calendering , matt lamilation , gloss lamilation , (spot) UV-coating , hot stamping
[Usage]:corrugated box
[Delivery]:7-15 days
[MOQ]:5000 pcs
We are a professional manufacturer of paper box,color box,food box,tissue box,mosquito box,toy box, paper bag,corrugated box, catalogue, gift box, books, magazine . we can offer you products with high quality and favorable price. If you are interested in this product, please contact us with your full details about size, color, material, quantity. Welcome for your inquiry.
corrugated box

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